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Education Workshop

Parameters such as citizens’ living conditions, their educational levels, and economic, social and cultural heritage are considered as signs of the development levels of countries. The development of social capital becomes a vital element in supporting and sustaining the development as a whole. In this respect, education is seen as the cornerstone of not only the development of social capital but also individual’s happiness and self-realization. It is a conventionally recognized fact that education as a common denominator for both individual needs and social capital enhancement will take more place on countries’ political agendas in the nearby future.

Along with the principles and values ​​of the Development Workshop Cooperative, the Education Workshop deem “quality education for all” as a key to the development of social and human capital of our country. In this regard, the Education Workshop is a working group focusing on the followings;

  • In order to scaffold local, national and international development through education, the workshop conducts a wide array of educational field studies and prepares evidence-based reports.
  • The workshop shares and disseminates the knowledge, results, and reports of the field studies, implementations and projects to stakeholders in education and policy.
  • To respond the national and global needs of education, the workshop establishes interdisciplinary cooperation and partnerships in which educational research are collaboratively conducted based on state-of-the art approaches.
  • The workshop aims to transform valid funding resources into individual and social capital development through educational research.
  • The workshop establishes a result- and benefit-oriented cooperation with national and international institutions and entities in the fields of education and philanthropy.
  • Creating various in-service learning opportunities for the experts, researchers and other personnel of the workshop is considered a priority.
  • In order to scaffold social and individual development, the workshop adopts and implements education and education-based activities as social innovation process.

The Education Workshop plans, implements, and provide consulting services for various longitudinal educational projects, content development activities, program adaptations, impact analysis and systematic measurement and evaluation activities with the national and international project experienced team including multidisciplinary-experts and researchers.