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Mapping Study for Meeting of Basic Needs and Protection of the Migrant Population involved in Seasonal Migratory Agricultural Labour in the Çukurova Region of Turkey 

Improving the Health and Protection of Vulnerable Syrian and Marginalized Migrant in Southern Turkey Project

Improving the Health and Protection of Vulnerable Syrian and Marginalized Migrant in Southern Turkey Project that was financial supported by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) and implemented by Development Workshop in cooperation with GOAL Global had the main objectives of are to reduce and mitigate protection risks for vulnerable migrant populations using an integrated approach of advocacy, information dissemination, and cash based assistance.

Prevention of Child Labour in Cotton Production: Action-Based Participation Project Aimed to Investigate the Problem of Child Labour in the Upper Levels of the Cotton Supply Chain in Turkey - FLA

The Development Workshop has received the “2016 Childrens’ Rights Awardby the Fişek Institution – Child Labour Foundation.

The publication set titled “Uçarca Toy Kaçarsa Ceylandır: Tansu Gürpınar” was published as part of the Contributors to Development Program, with the support and cooperation of UNDP GEF/SGP.


The quarterly journal that is being prepared by volunteer efforts of the Development Workshop, “KA Dergi” began its publishing life.

The publication set titled “Gönüllü Emeğin Emekçisi: Yücel Çağlar” was published as part of the Contributors to Development Program.

A study visit to the Armenian cities of Yerevan and Gyumri was conducted in the scope of the Peace and Development Program to observe beekeeping activities on-site and to prepare a current situation report. 

Project for the Current Situation, Policy Recommendations and Cooperation with EU Countries regarding International Seasonal Agricultural Migration in Turkey (Supported by the Netherlands Embassy)

Strengthening Terrestrial Fishing Inspection Project, supported by the UNDP/GEF and in cooperation with Underwater Research Association (SAD)

The Development Workshop attended the ITC-ILO 5th Social and Solidarity Economy Academy with the theme of “Social Innovation in Working Life” between 27-31 July 2015 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Participation to the 44th International Apiculture Congress, Apimondia 2015 (Daejeon, South Korea)

A study visit was conducted to The London Honey Company to have on-site observation of their urban beekeeping practices in London.

Study for Development of Social Utility Project Ideas for Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Turkey

Mitigating Child Labour Risks in Cotton: Action-based collaborative project to investigate child labour issues in upstream cotton supply chains in Turkey Project (Supported by the Netherlands Embassy)


Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Research was conducted within the scope of the project to obtain socio-economic and asset-inventory data of the populations of 20 provinces, 69 districts and 150 villages along the gas pipeline.

Combatting Child Labour at the Local Level for Children Participating in Seasonal Agricultural Migration (Supported by the Netherlands Embassy)

Baseline Research of Seasonal Migratory Labourers and their Children, Agricultural Intermediaries and Orchard Owners regarding the Hazelnut Harvest in the Western Blacksea Region Provinces (Supported by Ferrero Turkey)

Baseline Study and Gap Analysis Report for UTZ Certified Code of Conduct and Hazelnut Module Checklist

With the signing of the Protocol of Partnership Network for Prevention of Violence Against Children, solidarity with NGOs active in the area of child rights sustained.

The publication set titled “Rüzgara Karşı Yarım Yüzyıl Sosyal Kalkınma: Ayşe Kudat” was published as part of the Contributors to Development Program.

Participation to the 3rd World Symposium of Organic Beekeeping (Apiorganica Symposium) (Bologna, Italy).


The “Contributors to Development Meet Young People, Youth Participate in Social Development” Program was launched.

Project for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Seasonal Commercial Agriculture in Hazelnut Harvesting in Ordu

The Development Workshop was the partner of the project implemented by the ILO Turkey Office.

A Fair Start for Young Children in Turkish Rural Communities – Model Project: Mid Term Assessment

The Development Workshop conducted a mid-term assessment and pre-assessment study in the province of Tokat in the scope of the project implemented by the Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV).

The publication set titled “Papua’dan Datça’ya Sosyal Kalkınma Çalışmaları: Carel Zwollo” was published as part of Contributors to Development Program.

Baseline Study and Community Investment Program Development Study for the Siirt-Çetin HPP Dam (Commissioned by Statkraft)

Alpaslan 2 HPP Project Household Socio-Economic Status Survey Field Study

Baseline Research of Seasonal Migratory Labourers and Children working in Hazelnut Harvest in Western BlackseaProvinces, (Supported by Ferrero)

Participation to the 43rd International Beekeeping Congress (Kiev-Ukraine).


The Bee-Friendly City Program was shared with the public in Muğla.

As a component of the Social Development Program of the Development Workshop, Beekeeping activities were conducted within the scope of the Bee-Friendly Cities Program, together with the Muğla Beekeepers Association, in February 2012 and activities were shared with the public in Muğla.


The logo of the Development Workshop was designed.

A Fair Start for Young Children in Turkish Rural Communities - Model Project: Pre-Assessment Study

The Development Workshop conducted a feasibility study in 12 villages of the Turhal and Zile Districts of Tokat within the scope of the project being implemented by the Mother-Child Foundation (AÇEV).

Participation in the 2nd World Conference on Organic Beekeeping (Mexico - San Cristobal de Las Casas)


Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline the Ankara-Georgia Section Social Impact Study Data Collection 

Adana (Tufanbeyli) Thermal Power Plant Social Impact Study Data Collection 

Participation to the 2nd Turkey-Israel Beekeeping Congress (Israel) 

Participation to the 42nd International Beekeeping Congress (Buenos Aires - Argentina).

Intervention Program for Children (6-14 Age Group) Affected by Seasonal Agricultural Migration

The program supported by the Embassy of The Netherlands was conducted to identify the situation of education, health and development rights of children aged between 6-14 participating in seasonal agricultural migration in the production of hazelnuts and sugarbeet, cotton harvesting and undercover greenhouse vegetable cultivation and to develop product based action plans and policy recommendations for the elimination of child labour.


Strategic Planning Activities of the Central Union of Beekeepers of Turkey (TAB)

Support was given to the strategic planning activity that covers 2011-2015 to ensure an effective, planned and sustainable management of the Central Union of Beekeepers of Turkey, to protect the rights of beekeepers, to support the life standards of beekeepers and to prepare for global competition in the sector. The project was supported by USA based NGO ,HasNa.


Child Poverty in Turkey: Cases of İzmir and Diyarbakır

The Development Workshop carried out the field research of the post-graduate thesis study undertaken by Esra Arı, a stakeholder of the Development Workshop, which aimed to ascertain how children of forced migration are affected by poverty and their perception of poverty.

Study of the Living Conditions of 0-6 Aged Children of the Seasonal Agricultural Labour Force in Turkey

The main objective of the research was to identify the social, cognitive and developmental problems of children aged between 0-6, whose families are working as migratory seasonal agricultural labourers in labour-intensive agricultural production by using scientific methods, and to use the results to develop social policy recommendations for increasing the life quality of the target group. The research was supported by Bernard Van Leer Foundation.





On-Site Monitoring of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Raw Petrol Pipeline Reforestation Activities

The BTC raw petrol pipeline has many ecological conditions and therefore has a wide eco-diversity. “Bio-restoration” work along the pipeline was planned and the Development Workshop undertook the planning of the kind of activities to be implemented at which intervals to ensure success and also the monitoring of the results of the actions.


Animal Husbandry Development Project in Mesudiye District of Ordu Province

The current situation and problems of animal husbandry and community practices in the District of Mesudiye and its villages was identified and program and project recommendations were prepared on developing animal husbandry. The project was supported by the Mesudiye Development Foundation.


The Development Workshop was established on 3 November 2004 by seven founding members.


Guidebook on Development Organisations in Turkey

A guide was developed to introduce public institutions, civil society organisations (associations, foundations, etc.), centres, agencies, research agencies, banks and international organisations implementing various plans, programs and projects in the field of “development” at the local, regional, national and international level. The Project that involves prepration, printing and dissemination of the guide was financialy supported by the UK Embassy.


Baseline Study for Worst Forms of Child Labour in the Agricultural Sector (Case of Child Labour in Cotton Harvest in the Adana District of Karataş)

The study supported by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Turkey Office that was carried out by the founding members of the Development Workshop, kindled the idea of establishing the Development Workshop. The study was conducted with the children working in cotton harvestand their families in the Karataş District of Adana.